Monday, October 3, 2011

Perspective & Wanting

Once, all I wanted (well, mostly all I wanted) was a book deal.

It took me ten years, but I made it there.

Then I lost sight of "all I wanted," because I suddenly wanted more.

I wanted the book to do well. Both critically and in sales.

I wanted people to read it.

I wanted another book deal.

And these are all tied together, so it's hard to keep it all in perspective.

And, it's hard to keep the wanting from overshadowing the success that I've had.

It's important to redefine "well" so that you remember to appreciate the smaller successes. I'm trying. To pay attention, redefine and hold on.
My book is selling.
Well, no. Okay fine. Well enough.
It's getting good reviews.
Okay, some reviews are amazing and make me want to cry.

Like this gem I stumbled across on 60SecondRecap.

I mean, seriously, could a person ask for more?

(and, yet. . . )

I've gotten some amazing notes from readers, both adults and kids, and, man-oh-man from teen boys. Even a boy who started his note, "trust me, I don't read," then proceeded to tell me how he was assigned my book for school and couldn't put it down. Isn't that better than sales numbers?

But numbers sell the next book.

(I'm angsty. Can you tell it's a Monday?)



Here's another cool thing: I've been nominated for a Cybils Award (Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Award) by a librarian who has been quietly championing my book. I was her first pick. I mean, isn't that better than numbers?

I'll answer it: yes. That is better than numbers.

Happy Monday.

- gae

p.s. Any of you in or near NYC and Long Island, I have a lot of exciting events coming up, especially next Tuesday, October 11 at POWERHOUSE ARENA (with David Levithan and Jonathan Farmer and others, no less!) and that Friday, October 14 at the Dolphin Bookshop in Pt. Washington with SIX other YA authors that I planned and promises to be an event! Check my sidebar for updated appearances. :)


  1. Gae, you are awesome. You've worked so hard to get where you are. You both motivate and inspire me and have for years. If anyone makes it in this crazy biz, it will be you.

  2. That's a great review, Gae! I just bought two more copies of TPoG, and I'm going to make it my pick for my newly-forming YA lit Book Club when my turn rolls around. Doing my little bit to pump up the numbers...and really, really looking forward to Johnny Sky!

  3. Thanks, Megan, I don't feel awesome, I feel frantic and overwhelmed. But I love writing and I love my book so what is there to do but keep plugging. :)

  4. Lisa,

    THANK YOU!! That is so very kind. You know if you do a YA book club and use the book, I would LOVE to pay a Skype visit. Just let me know. If you want me, I mean. Of course, I shall act foolish and giddy and ridiculous during it, so I leave that up to you. :D

  5. I tried to nominate your book but it was already nominated. I was with a huge group of bloggers and I told them all how much I loved your book. I hope it helps a little.

  6. Cari, you've been SUCH a huge support. Thank you. It all helps. It ALL helps!!! *tosses love at you*

  7. Gae,

    I read tons and tons of YA lit, and The Pull of Gravity is absolutely brilliant, and is now officially one of my most favorite books of all time. I think many more people love and know your book than you might realize.