Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SUMMER turns one. . .

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Good lord but time flies.

Noting today's date for some other reason this morning,
I just realized that it's the one-year anniversary of the official release of my second novel, THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO 

which also nearly coincides with its official paperback release March 31st, 

though the paperback has already begun popping up on shelves everywhere.

It's been a wonderful book year.

I've gotten some amazing critical reviews from the likes of the New York Times Book Review (!!!), School Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews, I won another Nerdy Book Club Award for best Young Adult fiction (!!! -- that's two gold statuettes on my mantle) and, most importantly, received some truly lovely and moving emails and tweets from tween and teen readers who have connected deeply with the Frankies. 

And, why YES! Boys do love THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO!

I even have more than one photo to prove it:

I've also visited with some amazing schools and book clubs both via Skype and in person and done some really awesome events where it's hard to decide the best part: the readers or the other amazing authors I have the privilege to meet and read with!   

Like reader Francesca who was super excited to read a book with a main character named after her!

Like new pal, Alan Katz, author of the Take Me Out to the Bathtub books 
and the forthcoming, The Day the Mustache Took Over...

Seriously, I love the look on his face there. . . and the admiration is mutual. . . 

and like the extraordinary Léna Roy, Wendy Corsi Staub, Barbara Dee, Nora Raleigh Baskin and many others!

... and I must say, seeing that New York Times Book Review quote on the back of the paperback is pretty darn amazing!

I'm super hopeful with the release of the paperback this week that my book will find its way into the hands of even more readers. If you have read it and loved it, I remind you again how helpful on line reviews are to an author and to keeping their book in the public eye.

As for the coming months, my calendar is chockfull of events and appearances, including my paperback release PALOOZA & writers workshop (join the page even if you can't join us in person!) and the AUTHORS UNLIMITED BOOK FESTIVAL.

I hope you'll join me when you can, and share my titles with your friends.

With gratitude,



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