Thursday, March 26, 2015

#TSOLG Paperback Palooza: Five Random Questions with Charlotte Bennardo

Charlotte Bennardo kicks up some Summer...

We're getting closer and closer to the THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO paperback release Author Palooza on April 19th at the Huntington Public Library!!!

Several amazing MG and young adult authors 
will be joining me to help celebrate, first in a 90-Second Read Aloud Event, and then for a hands-on writers workshop. I thought it would be nice to get to know them -- and me -- a little bit in the weeks leading up to the event. 

You may read all about the event HERE on the facebook event page, and even if you can't come to the event live, please join the event page and follow along in the fun.

So, on to the getting-to-know-them part of the festivities... 

I've asked the guest authors to share their favorite piece of writing advice (or quotes that have helped or inspired them) as well as to answer five random questions from a big list I provided. Many of their answers are quite entertaining! You'll see! 

Over the past weeks, I've been sharing their answers (and may even chime in with my own answer to the occasional question in pink ...).

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Up today, guest author Charlotte Bennardo,

co-author of the SIRENZ series and BLONDE OPS, which Publisher's Weekly called,  "...a light mystery with entertaining dialogue, an energized pace, ever shifting suspects and a glimpse into the benefits and drawbacks of art and fame..."

You can read more about Charlotte HERE and HERE.

Okay, before we get started with Charlotte's five questions, here's a clear bit of writing advice from her: 

“Be persistent and consistent!"

Voila! Only Nike's motto is shorter and more concise. 

Now on to Five Random Questions with Charlotte... 

1. What's the cruelest/funniest thing you ever did to a sibling? 

*giggles. I held my sister for ransom - 2 Ring Dings. I actually tied her up, gagged her, put her in my toy box, then locked the closet door where the toybox was. Man did I get in trouble for that! (But I got my Ring Dings....)
2.  Do you appear in any of your own books?

Part of me appears in the Sirenz series - Sharisse is blonde and tall like me, and can be snarky (ok, bitchy) like me, but I don't have her fashion sense.

3. What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Sitting in the front row during a comedy show. When the comedian found out I was part Swedish, he asked me if I wore Viking breastplates. And proceeded to embarrass me all night long...

4. What unique skill do you possess?

I can talk like Elmo. And Carol Kane (from Scrooged). I can audition for the right price.

5. Tell us about your first kiss?

Ahh. I was 16, had a mouthful of braces, and it was a boy down the street. Holy smokes, I never knew a kiss could be like that...

So, there you have it. . . some advice and a few random things about author Charlotte Bennardo. Hope you'll check out all of her books, and if you're anywhere local, that you'll join us at the Huntington Public Library on April 19th for the reading, book signing and, if you're a tween or teen writer, the hands-on writers workshop with all these fabulous authors! 

Registration begins April 6th! 

And don't forget to order a paperback copy of THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO.  You can watch the new trailer HERE

xox gae

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