Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year! A few good bookish things, a lot of revising and some vagueness and waiting.

lying in confetti... what else does one do on January 1?


Happy 2015.

Been so busy, hard to find my way here.

Mostly busy revising my manuscript called THE MEMORY OF THINGS.

I have my reasons and some self-imposed deadlines... we shall soon see if they amount to anything. . .

In the meantime, I have a ton of goals for the New Year, some you'll find HERE  if you want... others, well, I'll let you know how I do.

You? Any new goals for 2015?

There's a "thing" that goes around in the amazing teacher/educator circles I'm now lucky to run in called OLW (maybe it's not just limited to them?) which stands for One Little Word. You're supposed to pick a word to be the focus of your year: some choose grace, or writing or inspiration or some other magical word. Those are all good, but I'm actually thinking of choosing the word "focus" for my focus... for the very same reason I'm here. The revising got hard, and I went, "ooh, blog! Different easier shiny thing!" I need to stop getting distracted by the shiny things. . .

Speaking of shiny things: a few lovely year-end notes for THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO: It won a Nerdy Book Club Award HERE (did you click there?)

This means a lot to me. The NBC members are VORACIOUS readers. I've never met a group as a whole who cover more Children's Lit reading in one year. So to make their list... well it's a very good thing. Oh, and FYI, I'm a two-time recipient, SEE, HERE, so I think with a third I should at least get a tiara and a sash. . .win a new car. . . (*spits so as not to jinx anything. . .*)

THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO also appeared on a few other wonderful Year-End favorites lists that I know of:

Those are always wonderful to see!

And, last but not least,

you all know how I feel about my involvement with Teachers Write! and the extraordinary Kate Messner, right?!?

Well Kate's book, 59 REASONS TO WRITEMini-Lessons, Prompts, and Inspiration for Teachersbased on the TW! program, in which I am a contributor (see?!):

Comes out this month on the 13th, from Stenhouse.

Kate's lovely acknowledgment. . .

I have a whole section on my Friday Feedback portion of the program, as well as appear in several of the "The Best of Q & A" sections. It's very cool and exciting to be included in a book that may be used to help inspire teachers around the country!!

Tiny snippet sneak peek.
If you know teachers who teach writing, teachers who want to write themselves, please share this beautiful new resource with them.

So that's it. I have a bunch of appearance-y things coming up. Will update the sidebar with those this week! In the meantime, I'm off to focus again. Hopefully some fun new book news may appear in the coming weeks... cross your fingers for me.

Happy New Year!

xox gae


  1. I think I'll go with "courage" this year, or maybe "heart." What better life inspiration than Wizard of Oz characters.....Congratulations from our own nerdy corner of the world! Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. back at you, Stephanie. Think you've been going with courage for a few years now... never grows tired, courage? Does it. Love you.

  3. Focus is Holly's word, too. I chose Reach. Not being traditionally published yet, I am wondering if that is within my reach. I will not know unless I Reach to find out. Thanks for all you do for our Teachers Write community. I ordered 59 Things and can't wait to get it. I picked up Summer of Letting Go at NCTE but haven't read it yet. I'm putting it on my 2015 list of books to Reach for.
    Linda and I are building a great writing partnership. Thanks for introducing us. Happy New Year!

  4. My word this year is create. I've put down my technology and picked up my pen, a ukulele (oh yeah, this girl has already mastered Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, baby), and am relearning French. Either I'm headed for creative genius gold, or I'm on the verge of an incredible nervous breakdown. Hard to tell... Regardless, love all the happiness going on with you right now. I'm off to surf my way to buy a copy of Messner's book! Huzzah! Looks like I stopped by on exactly the right day. Much love. xoxo