Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day Six or Something, Second Anniversary Highlights: THE PULL OF GRAVITY

So, it's day six of this something-like-three-week celebration I'm doing leading up to the second anniversary of The Pull of Gravity. Tomorrow, I'll explain why. 

Today, I'm sharing more highlights and if you check out prior posts in the series, you can see what (and how) I'm giving away. *hint: it is not a pony.

Being named a Bank Street Best of 2012. So, my mom can tell you that this is a big deal, because she ran into her librarian friend on the street when the list came out and, man-oh-man, that friend knew all about it, so, um, yeah. ;) 

Truly, it is really rewarding to get that kind of accolade from the "experts." 

But, so are the ones from the readers, especially the teen boys, like Justin (and Johnathan!) who, after being "forced" to read my book for summer reading by their English teacher, became friends who I still tweet with on a regular basis. 

Or the random review I find from an avid blogger and reader of YA:

Or, this one from a girl who read the book after meeting me at Rochester Teen Book Festival:

And, of course, uber super fun: the class projects kids do after reading the book in conjunction with Of Mice and Men or other classroom reading:

A facebook page for Jaycee Amato.
More tomorrow!

xox gae

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