Friday, May 3, 2013

Day Seven, Second Anniversary Highlights: THE PULL OF GRAVITY

What a journey this writing/publishing thing is.
Often, I'm upside down.
Often, I'm humbled.
Always, I'm grateful. 

Celebrating the second anniversary of my book here on my blog. Yep. That's what I've been doing.

Have I mentioned that The Pull of Gravity is my baby?

My first (and still, as of this post, only) published book.

If you've ever tried to get published, then you know how huge that is. 

And, soon enough my baby will going from being that -- the first -- to being the older sibling. The one who's expected to toddle off more and more on it's own while I tend to the new baby. Not that I'll love it any less. Like with real kids, I vow to love all my books equally (while secretly hoping to love each new book best. Because, otherwise, what is there to strive for?! Thank goodness it's different with real babies. . . maybe we've had enough of this analogy?!)

Anyway, I am excited about the new baby! I am really proud of The Summer of Letting Go. I've never written a manuscript that took so many rewrites and revisions to finally get it right. And I think I have. Gotten it right. (By the way, by commenting on any of these anniversary posts, you will be automatically entered to win a signed ARC of The Summer of Letting Go so long as you are in the US or Canada. Sorry, shipping is prohibitive otherwise).

But it's still weird to think of a new baby nosing its way in, needing my attention (hmm, guess I lied about being done with the analogy). So, I'm enjoying a little time really reveling in the highlights of its first two years in print.

When I set out to write it, I really wanted to write a classic story, so I hope that, with the little pushes I've given it, it will grow legs and be out there in the reading psyche for a long, long time. Standing on its own two feet.

Anyway, highlights! HIGHLIGHTS!

from l - r: Amy Fellner Dominy, m, Bettina Restrepo,
Geoff Herbach & Christina  Mandelski
just a few of us in The Graduates

It goes without saying that being a member of THE CLASS OF 2K11, now THE GRADUATES has been more than a highlight of my fledgling publishing career. More like a lifeline. We still communicate on a weekly, if not daily, basis, sharing a closeness that comes from being in some sort of trenches together.

Also, here's a huge highlight. Opening up Newsday to find this unexpected Summer Reading spread with your book next to John Grisham's.

Ah, I remember how I thought this would sell a thousand copies. . .
Never get tired of some twitter love.  p.s. got to meet this student
during a Skype visit! 

or, a student's critique. 
More highlights tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in.

xox gae


  1. Wonderful trip back to the past and so inspiring to remember the excitement of it all. So thrilled for the release of your newest baby!

  2. Loved The Pull of Gravity!! Can't wait to read The Summer of Letting Go!! I'm sure it's just as fabulous!