Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day Five, Second Anniversary Highlights: THE PULL OF GRAVITY

Hanging virtually with a few teachers I love -- met through the
amazing TEACHERS WRITE virtual writing camp
started by Kate Messner.

Through May 11, the second anniversary of the release of THE PULL OF GRAVITY, I'm celebrating two years in print!

So, this is day five, except it's really not because yesterday should have been day five except that I needed to take a break to blog about THIS, so this is day six, and anyway, my brain only goes up to seven, so by tomorrow I will stop counting anyway.

If you scroll down you can check out more of my Second-Anniversary highlights and find the rules for the giveaway of a signed ARC of my next YA, THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO, due spring 2014 from Algonquin Young Readers.

So, here we go today, in no particular order:

Teachers Write! Well, first, at the top of this post is a screen shot from last year's first ever Teachers Write! Progress Pool Party hosted by the awesome Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts and me, in conjunction with Kate Messner's Teachers Write! Virtual Summer Writing Camp, now about to enter its second year! And, yes, Teachers Write! is DEFINITELY one of the highlights of my two years in print! And all the amazing people I've met through it.

TBF & YA authors in a hotel bathroom:

From l-r: James Kennedy, AS King, Matt de la Pena, me
and the incomparable Terry Trueman

Okay, so ALL of the 2012
Rochester Teen Book Festival (TBF)
was awesome,
of course,
being in the bathroom -- don't ask why,
it's really none of your business, now, is it? --
with a few of my favorite YA authors?

I mean, how can that not take the cake?

Also, awesome, getting your own star on the TBF walk of fame:

You can actually see how overcome I am.
What a day this was!
Well, except for the part where no one was on
my signing line. #payingmydues

and hi-jinx with a roomful of amazing authors:

Terry Trueman, one of my absolutely favorite human beings, 
holding the mic, revving up a bunch of amazing teens.
And, trust me, that gym was filled to capacity with cheering kids. 

happy tweets! . . . also, an endless highlight... getting tweets like this from teens like Maria, or teachers like Jessica, on the spur of the moment:

You can see why my cup runneth over!

More tomorrow!

xox gae

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