Friday, March 8, 2013

Bye, Bye, title Frankie Sky. . .

I grabbed a wistful photo.
If books are our babies,
kissing the old name goodbye
can be a wistful thing. . . 

With apologies to Don McLean. . .

So, bye bye title Fra-nkie Sky
Took my book-y to the pub sale, 

but the title felt dry 
Them good ol' teens like their titles to fly,

This'll be the day, me-oh-my. . . 
This'll be the day (I won't cry). . . 

Yeah, well, whatever. 

I never said I was genius or anything.

Anyway, I was going to wait a bit to do the title reveal for my next YA book (the actual book is still a ways away) but I'm on a few blogs this week and next and they seem to be linking to the Goodreads page where somehow (however these things work) my next book is up there as it sold as Frankie Sky.**

So, I'd rather quell further confusion. 

So, as you all know by now, my next YA comes spring 2014 from Algonquin Young Readers

Now, I'm no stranger to title changes. I mean, The Pull of Gravity sold as Steinbeck, The Scoot & The Pull of Gravity (and its first working title in my computer was actually Fat Man Walking). I never once looked back after we made it TPoG, and I can't imagine it having any other name. So, yes, it's one of the first things I think we learn as new authors about the biz. A working title is often just that, working, and as much as I love "Frankie Sky," I'm ready to let it go and to introduce my next YA into the world with its proper title. 

FYI, it helps a lot that I love it (!!). Plus, it's a little extra special because my agent, the wonderful Jim McCarthy, came up with it. We were hovering around a few similar ones, but none of them quite perfect for different reasons, when BAM! the email from Jim came in. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Hooray!

But first, for posterity's sake, let's give Frankie, the proper send off: 

*dabs eyes a little*

See? That's nice. He had a few days in the sun. . .

And now for the title of my next YA, due spring 2014 from Algonquin Young Readers:

There it is. The Summer of Letting Go. Coming spring 2014. 

Isn't it lovely? I think so.

If you want to read the rest of the little blurb about it, that's from my website. Go ahead, click on that, there. (p.s. that "cover" is a place holder. Cover drama will come next.  It's what we do ;)).

Anyway, peeps, I can't wait. Although, I'm not wishing spring or summer to go too fast, because you know how I love my warm and water and sun. So, no, let those linger. I'll wait. We'll wait.

See you all to "let go" with ARC's in the fall! <3 span="">


** my publisher has now fixed the Goodreads page to read the proper title. Good thing I stole that little screenshot for posterity. ;) 

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  1. I love it, I think it's a perfect title. Frankie Sky was great but I think The Summer of Letting Go is awesome. :) (Perhaps an ARC might find its way to me when they're ready? I"m not above shamelessly begging.)