Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Teen & Future Me (plus TPoG giveaway!)

So, two of my favorite, funny, adorable virtual writer peeps, Amy Sonnichsen, still aspiring - but, oh, she will, she will! - and Christa Desir, with her first YA book deal just secured for TRAINWRECK, Simon Pulse, 2013, are hosting me on their blogs today, and they're giving away a copy of THE PULL OF GRAVITY.

So, of course, those of you who follow me know that I don't usually do my own blog post to highlight a guest post, but the one they asked me to write, really resonated.

It was actually very hard to write.

Indeed, it was so hard, that I panicked, and went back to them and offered to do a (pantsless) vlog instead. I mean, what's more entertaining than vlogging pantsless? And, I'm all about the entertaining here.

But, alas, they pushed me, and we ended up with these:

Christa's Blog: Dear Teen Gae;


I love and admire both these women AND their blogs, so if you stop by, please take a few minutes to look around, and leave a comment (bloggers LOVE comments). How bout maybe a brief note to your teen or future self?

- gae


  1. And we love you, Gae. In all your awesomeness! Pants. No pants. Same diff. You are full of win.

  2. Thanks, guys. Got this lovely little email from my sister last night which made me cry. Goofy-sisters mush warning alert!:

    dear Gae Gae,

    i just now got to read your letter to you past self and that blog is so utterly moving, and wise. i spent some time writing the following post, which i then was not able to post (should have known better).

    note to my sister's past self: beautiful, little sister, don't you realize you are naturally better than I am at everything you do, I just do it for longer. why do you give up so quickly? slow and steady, keep at it!!! if you do that with your writing, it's only a matter of time before you get the recognition you deserve! you will definitely be a published writer; mark my words. mom says perserverance always prevails over talent. if you have both, there will be no way to stop you.

    and also thank you, little sister, for always being my biggest fan. for always being generous and heartfelt in your appreciation for the things i did, for never seeming jealous, only admiring. i have a feeling that, one day, the tables will turn and i will be the one looking at you and your accomplishments and feeling complete and total adoration. (i believe that day has come.) your big, little, loving, sister.