Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Shadowing on I-94

That is Jen Vincent.

And this ----------------------------------------------------> is Colby Sharp.

(yeah, I did that arrow thing because I can't get my blogger photo arranging to cooperate with me today. So be it.)

Jen and Colby are teachers. The are also super, awesome


Clap your hands if you believe in Nerdies.

Okay, fine, whatever.

Colby and Jen both have terrific blogs in their own rights (Sharpreads and Teach Mentor Texts, respectively) but they also do a feature together every month called Reading Along I-94. In Colby's own words,

     "Each month Jen and I read a book together. We take turns selecting the book. About once a week we chat together in a google doc about the book. Sometimes we are in the doc together, and sometimes we type in the doc alone and then let the other person know that they can respond when they have time. We post our discussions on our blogs. It is super fun and VERY nerdy:)"

This month, Colby picked The Pull of Gravity for their I-94 feature:

Colby and Jen, fighting over TPoG.
and I am a (crazy, stalker) fan of his, and incredibly honored, so I've decided to follow along.

Btw, if you want to know why I'm a crazy, stalker fan of Colby's, this is basically all you need to know:

And, while I don't crazy stalker girls, Jen is pretty darn amazing, too!

So, anyway, here's the link to Colby's introductory post on TPoG, or if you don't want to read it (sigh, I know, I know, it's Sunday and the Giants are playing today: Go, GIANTS!), this is the takeaway from what he had to say:

"I can’t help but wonder how my life in high school would have been different if I would have had great books like The Pull of Gravity to read instead of books that made me want to jump off a cliff."

Macmillan, if you're reading, I think that's a great blurb for the cover of the paperback!!!

So, without further ado (because that was quite enough ado already up there, don't you think?), here here are the links to Part 1 of Jen's and Colby's Reading Along I-94 posts (this week's posts are not done in Google Docs, because Jen wasn't available, but the following three Sunday's will likely be :)).

Jen's, in which she shares the awesome word, HAMARTIA (I still don't know if it's real):


Colby's, in which he sees fit to post a sweaty and unmade-up photo of me from after yoga two weeks ago in my Nerdy Book Club t-shirt:

I warn you there are SPOILER ALERTS in the posts. And, if you want to hear what I had to say, check the comments!

Until next Sunday shadowing along I-94. . . HUGE thanks to Colby and Jen.

*adjusts rear-view mirror, and takes off*

Don't text and drive.

- gae


  1. Colby Sharp made me cry. I wish I had him as a teacher in school. No one seemed to understand my love of books and what I got out of them. He gets it.

  2. I know, right?!?! You should totally go stalk him on his blog (links up there). Tell him I sent you. Behave slightly. :)

  3. It's official, I am jumping on desks and screaming at the top of my lungs next year about books! (Sorry neighbors!)

  4. I love your blog Gae. It's so cheery. If I were a dolphin, I would love to swim with you.

  5. It's so well-deserved! :)

    I seriously cannot tell you this enough. (But I will try.) Your books are awesome and wonderful and all that is good in the world.

  6. Thanks for being so awesome, Gae. Your book was amazing, and I've really enjoyed becoming friends with you. You are a ROCK STAR.

  7. Thanks, Anonymous (or, Mike, if that is you ;)) I try to be cheery even when I'm not. But today I am cheery because, well, have you seen Jen and Colby's blogs?! :)

  8. Kelly, as always, you are too, too sweet. Btw, having read Frankie Sky, go check out Jen's blog and the pendant she mentions at the bottom and tell me how freaking weird that is... :)

  9. Colby, I'm not sure about ROCK star, but I may be a STARfish. I just got out of the Long Island Sound. It was awesome! But freezing!