Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pantslessness and Other Minor Excitement

FML, it's the end of January already.

How the eff did that happen?

I know, I know, this is my YA blog, the one where I behave, and don't say the f word, and act all teen-author appropriate. But, really, sometimes you just have to let it all go.

I've been in a mood lately. A bit silly. A bit depressed. A bit manic. A bit adventurous. A bit lazy.
And, go ahead and sue me, a bit pantsless.

(Don't panic. I'm not really pantsless. That part is all in my head.)

There's just something funny about not wearing pants. Or at least pretending not to. Although, for the life of me, I'm not sure what it is.

Here. I'll show you. This is me last fall when I forgot my pants after a swim:

Posterized for propriety's sake.

See? Funny.


No pants.

I mean, even though I was at the beach (where it is a perfectly acceptable social norm to be without pants), and had a plain old, sporty, unsexy bathing suit on under my sweatshirt, it was still somehow funny (and scandalous) that I had no pants when I needed them. 

So, yeah. With all the angst that's been going on with my (damned) manuscript STILL (endlessly) out on  submission, a health scare with my kid (mostly resolved, phew!) and a few other minor dramas and traumas, is it any wonder I'm seeking some comic relief?

But here's the thing: Now that I've found it in pantslessness, I seem sort of stuck on the theme.

For instance, take my rather important Skype visit the other day with some (movie) guys in LA.* Here I am right before it, set on remaining (fake) pantsless:

Or, take the perfectly nice blogger lady who asked me if I was willing to write a sweet and sentimental author post and I answered by suggesting instead a pantsless Vlog. . .

. . . and then tweeted accordingly:

"Is it wrong that I'm actually contemplating whether a pantsless Vlog would help or hurt my reputation?"

Hurt, Gae, hurt, geesh!

And, yet . . .

I must admit, I'm hardpressed to believe the whole world won't share my endless amusement over faking that I'm not wearing pants.

If this is wrong, I don't want to be pants'ed up and right.

Anyway, there you have it. What I've been up to, with or without pants.

Now then, carry on. I'd better go shave my legs and lotion them.

- gae

* yes, yes, I just slipped that (movie) thing past you to see if you were paying attention. Eyes up here, people. Not on my naked legs. ;)


  1. Movie thingy!!!! You sneak! Me want more details NOW mama!

  2. Mere pantsless delusion. I'm sure I dreamed it. And miles to go before we sleep...

    more soon. Stay tuned.

  3. Movie?????!!! Perfect! I can totally see TPoG as a movie. You go, girl! -Bret

  4. You are hysterical. I love it. Isn't that what video conferencing is all about? Being in your pajamas...or only from the top up at least?? :)

  5. Bret, I'm sure I don't mean movie. I'm sure I mean something WAAAY preliminary to a movie. Like the amoebic (word?) child of a possible movie.

    Jen, thanks. Glad you think so. Because my kids won't when they stumble upon this blog post.

  6. Personally, I don't think it's the NO PANTS that's funny, so much as the word, PANTS.


    It's just funny. It is! You're right! Maybe this has to be your brand. Next novel: NO PANTS.

  7. *laughs*

    We all need to be goofy now and then, right? I know I constantly self-edit. As a teacher, I'm always worried that what I put out there will come back and bite me in the butt. (oooo.... I said "butt"). Go for it!

  8. I like it Jody!

    Maria, what do you mean now and then? I am always goofy. Too much? :)