Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Okay, fine, that's an Innie not an Indie, but isn't it a great photo?

At any rate. . . Today on Twitter, at the terrific suggestion of Lisa and Laura Roecker of the Liar Society, a campaign's been started called #iheartindies in order to honor the awesomesauceness that are Independent Bookstores.

And, for those of us with books like mine (no fangs, no wings -- thanks Bett for that one!), we need indies and libraries more than you know!

So, I'm thrilled to have participated this morning, giving a shout out to a few of my personal faves.

If you want to see the post, it's on my contemporay fiction blog, Trying to Stay Afloat in a Sea of Words HERE today because that blog has been neglected as of late. For any of you YA's reading here, sometimes (but rarely) that blog gets a little racy or someone drops the f-bomb. Also, there's another bad pun there, so be warned. ;)

xo gae

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