Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making A Summer Splash!

The cover of the Fanfare
Section of Sunday's Newsday
So, I was sitting at my son's double header on Sunday, when a friend walked up to me and said, "Hey, saw your book in Newsday today."

Since Newsday was kind enough to do a profile on me several weeks ago in the book section, I assumed she was just offering some slightly stale news.

Then my cell phone rang, and it was my mother.

"Have you SEEN Newsday?!" she exclaimed.

Really. She exclaimed it. The SEEN was capitalized in her voice and there was definitely a question mark plus an exclamation in her intonation. Maybe even two.

And, no. I hadn't seen it. I certainly hadn't SEEN it. But I was excited and so my sweet hubby ran out to a nearby gas station and grabbed a copy of the paper. And there in the Fanfare section, as part of a two-page spread, right next to a new John Grisham title, under the heading Summer Reads for Kids was my little book, The Pull of Gravity.

The full spread.
See what I mean?!?!

Wait, if you can't see it well enough, let me show you again:

Now, you can see it, right? :)
Just so you don't hurt your eyes squinting, here's what it says:

"FOR BOYS, AGES 12 AND UP, who may have outgrown action-adventure (and it's barely 200 pages long?)

What summer reading list is complete without a road-trip novel? Especially one that extols the virtues of reading sad books and contains the sentence: "Parents are such idiots." Nick, hero of "The Pull of Gravity" by first-time Greenlawn author Gae Polisner (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $16.99) is a 100 percent inarticulate 14-year-old boy, madly exercising his talent for avoiding everything embarrassing or unpleasant. His pal Scooter -- though dying from a rare disease -- is looking out for him with the accumulated wisdom of his close study of Yoda, sage of the "Star Wars" saga."

I mean, that is some pretty good stuff right there. I almost fell off of the bleachers!

And yes, some emails are already coming in.

So, thanks, I needed that! I HEART you, Newsday!!!! You hear me? I HEART you, capitalized HEART with plenty of exclamations at the end. Even though you keep posting articles about SHARKS and other big things in the water here.


xo gae


  1. How incredible for you and your "little" book--which isn't so little anymore, huh? :)

  2. That's TOP BILLING, baby! Wow, I finally know a marquee author!!! YAY!

  3. I've SEEN it and I BELIEVE it because I've read your FANTASTIC book!! Congratulations Gae!!