Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bare with Me . . .

. . . okay fine. I know how to properly spell that particular usage of bear.

I just wrote that to be provocative.

I needed your attention.

Now that I have it, please bear with me. Friday Feedback and other semi-interesting musings on writing and life will return.

But for the next few weeks, it's the all THE PULL OF GRAVITY channel, all the time. Or at least the TPoG and Class of 2K11 Channel.

I'm one week from my official release date and I want to make sure I get the word out for my little contemporary YA novel here. I'm not Stephenie Meyer after all . . .

Speaking of Stephenie Meyer, did you know that if you start to type "Step..." into the google bar, Stephenie Meyer comes up?! I mean, step aerobics could come up, or step children, or the Steppes of central Russia, but NO, Stephenie Meyer comes up!

On the other hand, if you type Gae into the google bar, you get a lot of cool stuff about Gaelic translations.

As Nick says, "But anyway."

So, that's it. You're stuck on this Channel for a while. Speaking of which, if you've missed them on my facebook author page, I've gotten some really awesome reviews lately. Here are links to just a few:

Kidlit Frenzy

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Books Complete Me

Girls In the Stacks

Bex Book Review

If you want something different, you might check out my Trying to Stay Afloat... blog where, soon it will be about wetsuits and jellyfish and endless Open Water Swimming. WARNING though: that's NOT my YA-friendly blog, so traipse on over there at your own risk.

- gae


  1. I honestly don't know how you write two blogs. you're like a machine. A very cute, talented, inspiring machine.

  2. Bare and bear: in fifth grade I took band and regularly forgot to bring my flute to school. Add to that my best friend's presence in the class, and I did anything but concentrate. One day, we were about to play The Jungle Book's Bare Necessities. I had always assumed it was named for Baloo the bear. You know how you have to say something out loud sometimes for the information to stick? I blurted, "Bare! Like naked!"

    Band teacher was not impressed.

  3. Oh, and I typed my name in Google just to see where I'd pop up. I had to write megan bo, and I was still fourth on the drop down list.

  4. I wonder if you have triggered an egotistical google search. for the record, I typed in Lori La and got "Lori Landau yoga" which linked to my Technorati bio. go figure. I assumed I'd have to type my name and a title of a piece. google is silly and so are all of us. well, maybe not you, but I am.

  5. so are all of us? was that even proper english?

  6. Megan, I think I post on my two blogs less than you post on your one, so there's that;

    Caroline, hah! and im sorry.

    Lori, we debut authors have a googling ourselves disease (is my book there? Is my book there?) I'm trying hard to spend my time in a more useful way. And thanks for all the saleswomanship on my behalf today.