Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Very Bloggy Lovefest, with Thanks

So, apparently, this week is BOOK BLOGGER APPRECIATION WEEK.
Now, I might live under a rock, but I'm not an unappreciative b*tch, so when I found out it was (thank you, Universe, for making me see that tweet!), I did really want to do something about it.

Quick aside: For those of you who are not uniquely acquainted to the inner workings of the book world, and, maybe especially, the YA book world, bloggers are a huge thing. They can spread the word about a book with more passion and enthusiasm than most other mere mortals. They eat, sleep and breathe books. And they want to share this passion. If you are looking for good books to read, the links below are FANTASTIC places to check for recommendations, especially for your kids.
I am grateful for --  and, ahem, appreciative of -- each and every blogger that has taken the time to read and review my book. So, thank you. 
But, there are a small handful of bloggers, especially, who have really gone above and beyond reviewing The Pull of Gravity, making it a sort of loving mission (?) to spread the word about it, and, in some cases to literally make people read it *coughs at Kelly* or, at least, put it in others' hands. And, to those, I am especially indebted.
These are most BUT NOT ALL of them, partly because my mind is just scattered and feeble these days, and partly because I sometimes inadvertantly compartmentalize people, so if you're a teacher who blogs, I may think of you as the former and have forgotten the latter. At any rate, if you have been left out and shouldn't have been, don't hate me, instead, please send me an email (below) asking me to add you in**.

Please know that I am truly grateful to every person who has helped -- and continues to help -- The Pull of Gravity find an audience.
So, without further ado, and in NO particular order, I've asked each person to tell me

1. a bit about their site,
2. why they blog. What they get from it, or hope to give, 
3. what drew them so strongly to my book, The Pull of Gravity.
Please (please, please!) click on the name of their blog and check each one out when you have a chance! They are all pretty amazing, dedicated and funny people. :)  

Colby fighting with Jen over my book...

Colby Sharp, SHARPREAD:

"A little blog from a dude that digs spreading the love of reading in his fourth grade classroom."

*My blog gives me an opportunity to show my appreciation for the authors and illustrators that make my job as a reader teacher so darn fun.

"I liked TPoG because it didn't suck. It was the bomb. Seriously, all the books that I was forced to read in high school totally sucked. Books like TPoG would have helped me not skip out on four years of reading."

Kelly tweeting my book for a change...


"My blog is focused almost exclusively on fiction. It goes back and forth between adult/mystery/chick lit and young adult/contemporary/dystopian."
*I love blogging because it helps me promote the books I love. I don't love every book I review but when I do find one, I love that I have a forum to basically shout it from the rooftops. :)*

"I think TPoG was sort of the perfect storm (in a good way). I love stories about friendship and first love and road trips, and it has all of those. But it's also so real and genuine and has characters you can't help but love."
Kelly, somewhere else on the interwebs touting my book...


"My blog is unique and fun because I am based in the US and Siobhan is in the UK and together we have a lot of fun comparing and reviewing books together. Its great having one of us book worms on each side of the pond. She is my long lost book sister :)"

*I love blogging and reviewing because I LOVE BOOKS. Plain and simple - I want to be able to share with (literally sometimes) the world which books I think are so fantastic. Its also a great way for me to meet new authors and discover books I never would have come across otherwise. And the friends - bloggers, followers, authors - the friendships I have made extend beyond my expectations and are priceless!*

"The Pull of Gravity. This was my favorite read of 2011 and one of my favorites of all time. The characters are real, they are flawed, but they draw you in and you root for them from start to finish. Gae writes in such a way you feel like you *know* the characters, the places, and are actually a part of the story. It is real, charming, funny, and even a bit bittersweet, but definitely a book that will stay with you long after you read the last page."

Never mind. No caption needed... :)
"Books Complete Me is a great group of gals that enjoy reading and want to introduce YOU to the best books out there!"

*Blogging gave me the WORLD! I have read books and met authors that I would have NEVER had the chance if not for blogging. Blogging has turned me into TEAM INDIE 100%. So much talent out there not being recognized enough so I make it a point to spread the word. *

"When you get to the end of a book and it does not end the way you expect it to makes me giddy. This book made me GIDDY!"


Cari is a fan of making me draw silly
pictures for her love...

"Cari's Book Blog is my piece of cyberspace where I share my love of books. I write reviews, share what I'm reading, giveaway books, post book trailers, and interview authors."

 *My blog is my platform for spotlighting amazing books. I love giving undiscovered books a place to shine!*

"I love and miss TPOG! Scoot, Nick and Jaycee felt like real people and as a reader you wanted to make the world a better place for them so they wouldn't hurt."

David Etkin, {EAT THE BOOK}
"I use my blog with my students to celebrate the world of books--what we've read, what we are reading, what we plan to read--and try to advertise the Next Best Book. In between I post fun stuff for my blog/Twitter friends; share videos, pictures, and write-ups of things going on in my school; and occasionally sprinkle in a serious post."
*My blog gives me a voice and a way to CONNECT with other Nerds like me, but also connect with students and parents. It is a showcase.*

"The characters were real and believable--warts and all. Life doesn't always resolve."

I literally happened upon this woman on the NYC subway reading my book!
I asked how she came by it: David Etkin had recommended it to her...
A teen blogger named Grace who I refer to as "Little Penguin," PEACE, LOVE, TEEN FICTION

"It's a fun place where I can share my thoughts on books and interact with people who love to read as much as I do." 
*My blog allows me to interact with people from all around the world who love reading too, which is so great because sometimes I feel like no one I hang out with understands my obsession.*

"I liked TPoG because it was a story that was numerous, fresh, and really had heart to it, which is something I think that a lot of books are missing now."

Yes, those are Pull of Gravity earrings that
my Little Penguin made for me!


"My blog is a place to join a conversation about great books for my eighth grade students, their parents, and anyone else who wants to share their love of reading.  I also give a peek as to what happens in my classroom with hopefully helpful resources for my students." 

*I love being able to interact with other book lovers through my blog.  I love when my students come and and say "I want to read the book you put on your blog" or a parent tells me they print off the book reviews to share with their child.  I've been able to connect with other teachers around the world and hope to connect my students with some of their classes, too. *
"You should hear me squeal when a real, live author (like Gae) visits my blog and leaves a comment.  I treasure the appreciation most YA writers (ALL I've ever interacted with) show to teachers and librarians."
"I first was drawn to The Pull of Gravity with the book trailer.  I knew I would love a story that had a road trip, quirky characters, Yoda, and Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.  I was right.  I was even more sold when I read it aloud to one of my classes last year.  When I walked to the front of the classroom with the book in hand, a hush settled over 35 very chatty 8th graders.  They hung on every word and begged for more.  This year, I talked about the book and have a long (and ever growing list) of students who want to read it.  Not only did the book connect with me, but it also connects with my students."

That's Jen Vincent, upper right, having a little virtual party
with me and some other participants of Teachers Write! this summer.


"Teach Mentor Texts is a literacy resource for teachers and parents. Kellee Moye and I review books and give ideas for using them as mentor texts for reading and writing. We also share insight into teaching and literacy."
*On Wednesday, Kellee and I talked about how much blogging together at Teach Mentor Texts really does mean to us. We strive to share but by sharing and being part of the blogging community, we have learned so much ourselves. (BBAW - What Book Blogging Means to Us)*

"When I read The Pull of Gravity, I read it for my I-94 book club with Colby Sharp. We read it looking for themes and then discussed these. I had the hardest time understanding and connecting with the main character's dad. We had a hugely heated discussion about this man. It helped me learn about myself and about how I interpret people. It was seriously like therapy for me to read and discuss the book. It's almost as if by not being able to connect with him I ended up learning about myself and him and how it's such a learning experience when we don't connect with a character."
Three other bloggers MUST be mentioned:
Raw Ink is a "Reading and Writing Community hosted by the Juniors of Silver Creek High School that now hosts members from all across America!"
It would take me a year to tell you all the phenomenal things there are to say about Paul Hankins, and explain to you the enormous riches he brings to literature and education. If you are an author especially, please go join Raw Ink Online!
* * *
  • Sarah Andersen, of YA LOVE BLOG, a high school English teacher extraordinaire who was the first teacher to rally to pick up The Pull of Gravity into her school's core curriculum. In addition to book reviews, she runs a terrific feature on her blog called Students Want to Know, where her students ask questions of a featured YA author after reading their book, and Books Guys Dig, where you just might find TPoG;
* * *
and, last but so not least,
  They say: "If you love books, especially those written for children and young adults, then you are an honorary member of The Nerdy Book Club. Like us, you probably always have a book along to read, a title to recommend, and time to talk about works held dear."
I say: There is truly not enough good I can say about Independent Blogger Award Winner of 2012 Nerdy Book Club. When they bestowed their first-ever Nerdy Book Award on my book, they legitimized my book, and, quite simply, blew me away. They're the most smart, wonderful, passionate group of children's and young adult readers, sharers, teachers, and bloggers you will ever find. If you are a teacher or librarian, you need to be a member. If you are a parent who wants to instill a love of reading in your kids and needs a go-to resource, this is your place. 'Nuff said.
Me, proudly sporting my Nerdy shirt.
** if you're not here and should be (some of you are not because you didn't send me the info!), please send me an email at and I will add you in! I plan to repost this each Thursday in September, and will update as I go.


  1. You are oh so kind to include me on here. Let's be truthful: YOU are the most responsive, interactive, and humorous author in the TwitterFacebookBlogosphere. We thank YOU for that.

  2. Thanks, David. It's a cold, hard, lonely world sometimes. Good to be in it together. :)

  3. OMG tears in my eyes! I forgot all about that tweet! You are so fun Gae! You really are. You are the best author to support. It is because of authors like YOU that make us bloggers pimp out your books so much! Thanks for the shout out and you know that I am your book pimp forever!!! HUGS!!!

  4. See, Mindy, you may forget... but I will never. Well, senility notwithstanding.

    smooch back atcha, Mr. Hankins.