Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Links I Like. . .

And why I like them, in no (you hear me? absolutely no!) particular order.

Author's important notes:

These are all YA-related links.

These are NOT all the links I like, nor all the reasons I like them.

I posted this on a whim. If you are not on the list, it doesn't mean I don't like you or your link immensely, it just means you weren't in my immediate, momentary radar, and thus weren't part of my whim this morning.

I may, however, make this a regular Sunday/Monday feature, and if I do, you may track me (and hunt me down) if you don't eventually become part of some momentary whim: 

1. This writer's website that I just discovered for Angela Cerrito. I like it because she's nice, her book sounds intriguing, and I love her idea for reader participation;

2. My friend Mike Wood's blog, Blog of Wood, because as you can tell from the name, he is ridiculous and cannot (I repeat, canNOT) help himself from a good (or terribly bad) pun if his life depends on it (apparently, it does not). Also, he is funny;

3. The Class of 2K11 Meet Team 2K11 feature and Class Trailer because it's a small group that I belong to and all the writers are awesomesaucy. Okay, fine, *some* (ahem) are just saucy. :);

4. Raw Ink Online. If you read about this, it will speak for itself (speaking of awesomesaucy). If you are an author, sign up to participate;

5. Cari's Book Blog. Why? Because it is a good YA book blog and more importantly because Cari allowed me to act the fool there for days at the end of 2010 without ever letting on that I was driving her absolutely f***ing mad. :);

6. Sarah's YA Book Blog, YA Love, because she posts honest and thoughtful reviews from the perspective of a high school literature teacher, and is starting a cool feature to watch for in 2011 that has to do with just that;

7. Miss Caroline's Blog, because besides posting from the perspective of 19-yr-old, I need to keep checking in to see how her background has evolved from sparkles to glitter to stripes to argyle to snow. . . sometimes all in combination; 

8. The Day in the Writing Life feature on the Elevensies website (my personal one being here if you missed it and want to see it), because it gives you a good look in and at us debut writers as if we were display in a fishbowl. er. ;

and, last but not least, for today...

9. Emily @ RedHouseBooks because it's another great YA blog I was reading MONTHS before google alerts notified me that somewhere out in the social networking universe Emily had named The Pull of Gravity as the YA debut she was most looking forward to reading for 2011 (if she HAD to be pinned down to choose and name just one, of course, that is). Thanks, Emily!


  1. Aw!!! Thanks Gae :) You're pretty awesome too you know ;)
    Hope 2011 is treating you well so far!

  2. :D
    Thanks for the shout out!
    I am fairly random and my blog will probably change a few more times. Who knows? I plan to have more book related posts than I did last year also. :)

  3. Woo hoo! I made the list (and am ignoring the whim part, as I know that was just to make the losers feel better! I'm also ignoring the no particular order part, as I am Number Two!) Problem is, now I feel compelled to make a pun that is both funny AND appropriate for all audiences. There's got to be something with "women" and "whim in" but I'm drawing a blank.

    Ah, the pressure...

  4. Emily, I haven't forgotten about getting you an ARC, but my cover is supposed to be in any day now (I still don't have a final cover!) and I selfishly think I'd rather there be more of those in circulation that the ARC's... ;

    Caroline, I've decided your blog should have revolving seasonal backgrounds, maybe monthly backgrounds... how nice would raining hearts be in Feb? And blinky clovers in March? :);

    Mike, it was NOT to make the losers feel better, although I do love being able to hear your voice in my head going "Loo-ser!" and may need to recruit you for a loser drawing for Class of 2k11 one month...

  5. Monthly backgrounds eh? This could be interesting. :)