Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Things to Close out the Year.

If you want to read my New Year's resolutions, they are here on my regular blog (click on the link below):

Here, on my YA blog, I've decided to leave myself a little reminder gift to close out the year.

Here are my two author "blurbs" for The Pull of Gravity, each from a YA author I admire greatly, making them all the sweeter. I am honored that each of these authors read my book and felt strongly enough to allow their names to be on it. Such a good thing. Happy New Year to you all.

- gae

K. L. Going (author of Liberation of Gabriel King, St. Iggy, King of the Screwups, etc.):

"Gae Polisner writes with fluidity and grace.
The Pull of Gravity is a very moving story with so much heart. . . It will draw you in and keep you thinking long after you've closed the book."

and, Francisco X. Stork (author of Marcelo in the Real World and Last Summer of the Death Warriors):

"Part love story, part adventure story, funny and serious, the Pull of Gravity is a delightful read."


  1. This is positively, utterly, completely, .... awesome.

  2. Now I know why you were so happy to get them. Congratulations and the best is yet to come. :)