Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Word is Out!

I am not only at the six-month mark for the launch of my debut novel, The Pull of Gravity, FSG, May, 10, 2011, but today the Class of 2K11 has launched!

You can find us here:
(or, um, up there where I just linked us, whatever...) and if you think I'm excited, the answer is YES!!!

I am beside myself excited.

Not just because I think we have a roster of 19 amazing-sounding books (paranormal romance, literary, sci-fi, contemporary, dystopian, etc.), but because the 19 members of our class are some of the nicest, funniest, kindest, most supportive people I have ever, well, not yet* met.

To launch the site, we're doing a give-away of the entire Class of 2K10's books -- most of them signed. Sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win.

So, the word is out! Please help spread it. And, to my hubby, yes, the bird is the word. ;)

xo gae

*I've met Megan. She rocks! :D

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