Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fearful Me

me (left) with my sis circa 1968 on an obviously-TERRIFYING ride.

I dug this photo out the other day for my sister's b'day and have been having a good laugh over it ever since.

I mean, seriously, the sheer luck that I survived that treacherously-pitched, clearly dangerous ride! What were my parents thinking?!

(Go ahead, check out my face one more time. My sister's isn't much better).

But, in addition to laughing, i've been thinking about fear and the things that it stops us from doing.
Ok, not us, me.

If I weren't fearful these are just a few of the things i would do:

travel more,
donate bone marrow,
donate a kidney,
go sky diving,
swim in the ocean more.

Maybe I'll recheck the pitch on those things, and try to scratch one off my list.

Although, I'm pretty sure the pitch on skydiving is slightly more treacherous than that ride.

What would you do, if you weren't too fearful?


  1. Have your parents gotten a kick out of the picture being up on the internet? Would love to hear their reactions. :)

  2. Love the picture! Oh, if fear wasn't an issue, I would:

    learn to fly a plane
    travel more
    move to the country (or, out of the country!)

    Great question!

  3. funny you should mention marrow - I recently registered as a donor (had the dna test etc.) because if it were MY kid in need, I would want others to do the same - BUT- I secretly hope that I'm never a match. Is that wrong?

  4. no, not wrong, understandable.

    I've decided to take baby steps. I have a friend who donates platelets regularly and I asked her to call me to go with her during her next donation. Just so happens to be in December. Painless and no risk. Or, you know, minimal. And it is the season of giving. :)

  5. Great post!
    Must comment on the picture: So cute. Why is it that screaming faces make me smile? :-)

  6. This is TOO cute!! I'm laughing at the 'treacherously pitched"! I remember when I used to go to King's Dominion in Richmond. HUGE amusement park with tons of rides, and just for a start-up we'd ride a coaster called the Scooby-Doo.

    Fast forward about ten years and my husband and I took our two boys. Um...I thought I would DIE on that stukid Scooby Doo!!! >:(

    sigh. But one thing I'm not afraid of anymore (and I was...I SO was) is traveling. Once you do it (just take the train the first big time, you'll feel safer and get up the nerve for more). I take it to NY at least once a year now ;) from Virginia. Next? A PLANE!! wooooo....

  7. Mike and Gae - I've been on the bone marrow registry since 1998. Apparently no one wants mine...but I would definitely give if I finally got the call. On the other hand, I'll probably never ride a roller coaster again (sigh).