Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day almost there, Second Anniversary Highlights

The Teen home page on Amazon last night
pointed out to me by the blogger who runs PEACE LOVE TEEN FICTION
(I love and adore her!)
Just a few more days celebrating the second anniversary of The Pull of Gravity. On May 10, I'll randomly draw a name from the comments to these posts and that person will win a signed ARC of The Summer of Letting Go in October.

So, the best part about being published?

It's the people, baby. It's the connections.

For starters, the YA community is incredibly supportive. I've made some truly lifelong friends. They are talented, driven, and hard working. They are funny, silly and full of life.

me with Cat Patrick at TBF last year. Her new book
The Originals came out yesterday.
Yeah, I may have doctored the photo a little.

me with Geoff Herbach, whose third and final in the
Stupid Fast series came out yesterday, I'm With Stupid.
No, I didn't doctor this one at all. Really.

And, the teen readers are so much fun to engage with and so full of enthusiasm for what we do.

It's the Skypes and the school visits and the library book clubs.

From Advance review copy to paperback, hardcover in between.

It's not the books. They're just the beginning.

It's the people, baby.

xox gae


  1. "It's the people, baby. It's the connections." Well said Gae! I can't wait to get a few paperback copies for my school library. And so looking forward to The Summer of Letting Go.

  2. oooh, thanks. Canada loves The Pull of Gravity. ;) Let me know if you ever do a library book club and I'll Skype in and say hello. Meanwhile, you're entered for the ARC. xo

  3. I love that this week is the two year anniversary of The Pull of Gravity, AND my Creative Writing class gets to Skype with you as well! Can't wait!! :)

  4. I agree. It's the people. Making connections with readers and other authors is so wonderful. I haven't done any Skype visits, but the face to face ones are awesome. The Pull of Gravity is a bit high level for my little elementary students. What level is The Summer of Letting Go? Teen again?