Wednesday, January 9, 2013

plate full #overload

with apologies to ee cummings (what if a much of a which of a wind...)

what if a much of a which of a blog
gives truth to a writer's lie
buries with dizzying sheafs, the page
and yanks manuscripts awry? 

blow facebook to twitter and tumblr to g+
(blow screen to scam: blow space and time)
—when pages are hanged and screens denied,
the single secret will still be pen…
. . . my way of saying,
my plate is full... i am on overload. 
all good,  
but an endless shiny parade of things to do and attend to.
The Pull of Gravity comes out in paperback on 2/5 (well, today i held the first shiny copy in my hand -- you can see the video HERE);
The novel formerly known as Frankie Sky has been delivered and accepted by my editor which means it now moves on to copy edits;
The novel known as In Sight of Stars is in my editor's hands... *bites nails*
The novel I started working on this summer (The Memory of Things) calls to me, but requires some research to be done too, and so does a quick revision of Swim Back to Me, with the thought that I may submit it quietly to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest this year... rather than have it just "sitting there."
If I do, I know some people will hate me -- a published author -- especially if it does at all well, but the truth is, I simply have not managed to yet break through with my women's fiction (nor, do i necessarily expect it to do well. But I have made some changes to it since it was shopped, and it would be nice to just see how it does. . .) ?
In the middle of that, a friend who wrote a rough YA that isn't quite working yet, has asked me to step in and collaborate. The book/story is way different than anything I ever write, so the challenge is kind of fun for me. But this was unexpected, and suddenly I'm elbow deep in things.
In the midst of all that writing stuff (and the constant effort/need to market The Pull of Gravity), there's also my usual swimming, and my new year's resolution to get back to yoga at least twice a week.
And then there are my kids and my day job. :)
All this to say, my plate is full and I am on overload, and sadly, dear blogger
and facebook
and twitter etc,
something's got to give. . .
xox gae
p.s. if you are local, please come to my paperback launch party 2/10 from 3 - 4:30 pm. DETAILS HERE! (preceded by a one-hr writer's workshop, ages 12+ welcome!)

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