Thursday, January 24, 2013

In which I ramble on about the paperback and stick to my new habit of using mostly pointless footnotes

added some color to my
hair to help spread the word. fn1
Yep, just me again,

trying to get the word out fn1 

about the paperback release

of my book,


(while also annoying you with some more pointless footnotes because I can).

After all, I'm excited about the book coming out in paperback and you should be, too.


Um, because you should read it and now, if you haven't, it is uber-affordable and has that groovy cover.

But don't take my word for it. This guy, for example, seems to love it:

Just a teacher in Michigan who is the bomb. fn2

or this smart lady, Cindy:

Er, don't pay attention to KAL, Cindy is the important one.  ;)

So, see, most people who know about it and read it, love my little book. fn3 

And, it's got pretty much everything:

A road trip;

A dying kid;

Star Wars and Steinbeck;

Wax lips, Slinkys, a hotel room and troll dolls; and

A princess (Buttercup), a pirate, a gentle giant, R.O.U.S., the Pit of Despair, some Iocane powder, and a Spanish swordsman who seeks revenge on the six-fingered man. fn4

Oh! And, of course, a little romance.

So, if you want all that, then you want to pre-order the paperback (officially on sale 2/5), and you can do so at all your favorite on-line stores, or, better yet, walk into your nearest B&N or other INDIE bookstore soon and ask for it by name. fn5

In other "ME" news, I'm trying to Tumbl(r) more fn6, so if you want to, you can find me HERE. An awesome dude that I love and adore to total bits and pieces, named Justin (but I won't tell you his last name) hooked me up with a better Tumblr page so I can seem just a little less lame. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, Justin!! :)

So, yeah, I think that's it. If you buy the paperback, there's a fun "Go Fish" Author Q&A in the back, where they ask me questions and I, um, answer them, I suppose. fn7

So, yeah, now that's it. So, go to it.

Buy my book. (please)

Tell your friends.

Tell them to tell their friends and their friends to tell their friends and then add in that nice little infinity sign.

Oh, and if you're local, come get a copy signed and eat cupcakes with me at the Huntington Public Library on 2/10. All of the details are HERE.

Now, scat. That's enough of you. You heard me.

xox gae

p.s. Oh goodness, I almost forgot, for the cost of a comment, you can enter yourself in a PAPERBACK GIVEAWAY here!!! (thank you, Kelly!)

essential footnotes:

fn1 Hadn't you heard about the word?  

fn2 he is, of course, only the bomb if being the bomb is still a good thing. otherwise, he is so not-anything-like-the-bomb.

fn3 or, you know, at least two people.

fn4 that is, too, all from MY book. I don't know what you're talking about.

fn5 The Pull of Gravity, yo.

fn6 You young un's think you're so hip and cool with your Tumblr, and I'm down wit dat, but truth be told, all I ever think of when you say Tumblr is this:

which just shows you how old that I am. :)

fn7 of course, some of those answers are lies. If you want the real answers, you may email me at but only if you know what the questions are. ;)

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