Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Pull of Gravity Goes to School(s): Unexpected #5 (can't resist!)

Nick's facebook page!
So, I had kicked this feature off the radar for the summer (busy with tons of #TeachersWrite Friday Feedback stuff etc...) but woke up to tweet after tweet from a beloved teacher in Michigan this morning, sharing photos of her kiddos' TPoG projects this school year.

I mean, seriously, how could I resist?!

So, just a quick share today. And a huge shout out to Jessica Boguslawski and her students at Fitzgerald High School in Michigan.

Jessica incorporated The Pull of Gravity into her curriculum as a "choice book" to go with her Of Mice and Men unit. In March, I Skyped into her classroom.

Prior to my Skype visit, I sent along some book "swag" to the students, and there arose a running joke as to the real meaning of the word swag and whether I was using it wrong. As such, I showed up via Skype (to many giggles) wearing a handmade swag crown. After the Skype visit, I
mailed the crown to the class.

buttons and bookmarks fit for a queen. Or, king! ;)
Over the past few months, I have periodically received a tweeted photo of some awesome student (usually male!) wearing the swag crown proudly.

**sorry, crown-wearers' photos not posted without permission**

Anyway, without further ado, in addition to that awesome one up top (!!!) here are some more of the terrific The Pull of Gravity student projects from the 10th graders at Fitzgerald High School.

Please note that I have redacted last names
and/or spoiler information contained
in any of the projects.

Three words for the students who made these:

You. Totally. ROCK!!! :D

Two "Wordle" posters and a "Letter to Nick."
Dad ("Fat Man 2")'s facebook page!
Letter to me! (redacted for spoilers)

Another letter to me, redacted. :)

Jaycee's facebook page! Love, love, love her wall posts. :)
Thanks, guys! These are the things that make an author's day (week, month, year!).

- gae

p.s. here are the links to the prior posts in the series for the 2011-2012 school year:


  1. Awesome!!! (just exclamation points. this page is not emoticon enable) :)

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! This way cool stuff is why I am desperate to teach high school instead of middle school!!!! Plus, I could use TPoG as a mentor text, which would be totally sweet!

  3. Lemme tell you, this is why Y.A. is so great -- adults are dull!

  4. Aw, look. Sweet to see my hubby on the blog. :) *points up to David*

    Micki, I've had several middle schools use TPoG and do some really cool projects! A 7th grader made a TPoG board game (the photos are somewhere on my fb author site!) with little moveable Nick, The Scoot and Jaycee pieces! Oh man, I loved that one. A few of the featured schools on TPoG Goes to School(s) are definitely middle schools. I'd come into your classroom via Skype any day. <3

    Jody, you made me laugh. The kids are really amazing to interact with. And the personable, warm, chatty teen boys who love my book surprise me over and over again.

  5. TPoG is definitely a great choice for 7th graders, and I would totally read it with them and they'd love it. I think it's the whole Of Mice and Men connection that really gets the English teacher in me super excited. Either way, I love the book!! :)

  6. This is just completely filled with happy.

  7. Really fun to see the happy interactions between the book (you) & the students. I have ordered your book, Gae, will read & pass it on to the middle school teachers with whom I work. Great times to share!

  8. Thank you all! Was so distracted by Friday Feedback, I almost missed these. :)

  9. Almost makes me wish to teach middle school. *thinking* Maybe I'll stay with third graders. Love the ideas and good on y'all.