Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Shadowing on I-94: What We Know vs. What We Bring to the Table as Readers...

These awesome peeps are teachers Colby Sharp and Jen Vincent:
Colby Sharp & Jen Vincent pretending to fight over my book.
For the past three weeks they have been generously fighting over my book, The Pull of Gravity. You can meet Jen and Colby, and read an introduction to the series, Sunday Shadowing on I-94 by clicking on these words.

During week #1, they discussed Nick's relationship with the Scoot and the general themes of friendship in the story. During week #2, they talked about Nick and Jaycee's romance. And, last week, week (#3) I joined them through the magic of Google Docs to chime in as they talked about Nick's Dad.

This week, week #4, they finish up their month-long series with the second part of our Google Docs chat which focuses on Nick's mom. You can read here at Colby's terrific site, Sharpread, or here at Jen's terrific one, Teach Mentor Texts. WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS!!

So, if you read The Pull of Gravity, and struggled with your feelings about Nick's mom and/or dad, here's your chance to commiserate, get feedback, or throw your two cents in!

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Jen and Colby for their TPoG love, and for spending four Sundays talking about it, and giving it such a warm, cozy space on their blogs. It's been amazing to eavesdrop, to chime in, but mostly to read things like this: 

"JEN: If I encounter someone who is in this situation in real life, I know I’ll think back to this book and try to be understanding."

Words like that are writer's gold. Truly.

- gae

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