Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Banned Books Week

Did you know that John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is a "banned" book? That, in some places, they are still continually trying to ban it?

Without Of Mice and Men there would be no Nick Gardner and Jaycee Amato, no Reginald "the Scoot" Reyland, and no The Pull of Gravity.

Quick, grab your copy. Read yourself a banned book today!



  1. :)
    i know! i can't believe a lot of good, legit books are banned! (HARRY POTTER!)
    well, i haven't read this but i'll try it :D
    oh. and u follow my blog, but I changed it; it's now


  2. or, :), wait till The Pull of Gravity comes out, read that, and see if it makes you want to read Of Mice and Men just a little. ;)

    (will follow you at your new digs. Although, to tell the truth, even when I follow stuff, I dont see to get the notications when new posts are made or anything. *shrugs*))

  3. haha. okay :)
    and thanks for the comment on my blog. [in response], i guess sometimes i want privacy and this blog is a way for me to just vent out w/o being judged by my parents. haha. but ur probably right. i'll wanna share some things...later :)

    and awww.
    well, hopefully u'll get notifications (check the dashboard, much?)

  4. It's BANNED book? I always thought it was "Band" book, and was like, who cares about the band anyway? Why are people so up in arms about band books? But now that I know these people are trying to censor what we read, I'm jumping on the Banned Wagon!