Monday, May 24, 2010

Do Something New

I'VE BEEN A LOT OF THINGS, and done a lot of things, in my life, if not nearly as much as I wished to: (in somewhat chronological order) gymnast, actress, special events coordinator, tv production assistant, flower seller, paralegal, lawyer, wife, mother, mediator, writer.

I've piloted a hot air balloon as part of a the crew, I've flown over the Bermuda triangle to Bimini for lunch with my uncle in a two-seater plane. I've been up the side of Mt. Blanc in a gondola. And, I've skied off the side of a black diamond ski slope. Er.

I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY WETSUIT TO TURN ME INTO A SUPERHERO. Having said that, I've never been a huge risk taker (never bungee jumped or sky dived or did half the things I thought I would), and the older I get -- and especially once I became a mother with two amazing boys that depend on me -- the less of a daredevil/adventurer I've become. If truth be told, my life has become pretty staid.

NEW THINGS. So, it's been interesting and exhilarating, if sometimes scary, after years and years of trying, to have a brand new career as a "real" published author ahead of me. It means all sorts of ways of putting myself out there (if not of the sky jumping variety). It means public appearances and readings, including ones across country alone. I have not travelled alone since I was a teenager. It means getting reviewed and putting myself out there for the ultimate success or the fall. Or the "dreaded" somewhere in between.

At the same time, I still want new ways, if slightly safer, to put myself out there. I've joined an open-water swim group, that starts out in the Long Island Sound this weekend. I've got my wetsuit, and my beanie cap and my booties and my gloves. But the email I just got from the group leader says, water temps are still in the mid-fifties. This means numb face, which may just be too tough for me to bear. Do I wait a few weeks till the water chugs up to 60 degrees? Or do I bite the buoy and put myself out there?

WHAT DO YOU DO to keep your world from getting old?


  1. um, change jobs every 3 days? :-)

  2. Well, I got divorced. Not exactly recommended, but it worked for me!

  3. Lee, what you're doing now is way cool and important! Check him out on my blog roll link to Simple, Good and Tasty. He's also an awesome songwriter/musician named Lee Rude. :)

    Jody, as a divorce mediator, I know that sometimes this does work. Sometimes people are not meant to be together long-term and stop bringing out the best in each other. Then, it's time to part ways amicably, and try new things.

  4. I keep starting new hobbies, which, while fun, is bad for completing any OLD projects. :D

  5. I'm doing a bit of astral traveling, conscious dreaming, communicating with entities in other worlds. . . Oh wait. That's a character in my novel. I pretty much live in my mind. Never a dull moment.