Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where does your creativity flow?

Today, my pool opens for the spring. It's early in NY, but the pool guy tells me I'm not the first one. It will take another few days for a salt-ozoneator specialist to come and fix and piece of equipment that broke last season, and a few days after that for the water to heat up to "warm enough" to possibly swim. I do own a wetsuit, so technically, at 65 degrees, I'm set to go in. Suffice it to say, by this time next week, I should be afloat in my own backyard.

Those who know me, know I swim all year. There's just something about the water for me. On bad days, you could say it saves me. And, on good days, it energizes me and helps my creativity to flow. The many times I've been stuck on story or plot, the "unstuck" came to me underwater. I count on it, knowing that, as long as I get in the water, everything will be okay.

Where do you count on? Where does your creativity flow?


  1. I get my best ideas on my bicycle. Give me a nice day and a 30-mile and I'm a happy writer. I like swimming and running, but for some reason those activities feel more like work to me. Biking feels like joy. It gives me an opportunity to let my mind wander to a writing project, working out plot points, playing with new ideas and directions. On the bike I feel free in mind, body, and soul in a way I don't anywhere else.

  2. Mowing the lawn. Go ahead, laugh.
    (Quite a sight in the winter months...)

  3. yes, susan. Just like that.

    Jim, shorts and workboots and an earflap hat? Please say yes, please say yes! :)

  4. No comment, except to say that one day my daughter brought home a date while I was mowing the lawn. She assured him that I was not her father...

  5. I'm officially more jealous of your pool than I am of your hammock now!

    As for where my creativity usually happens in the shower, when there isn't a pad of paper in sight. I really need to put a notebook next to my shower... or better yet, find waterproof paper and ink!

  6. I know, Amy, that happens in the pool too. Most the time I can hold onto it, but once in a while, by the time I get home or out it's gone. I need an underwater dictation device. But sometimes I think the ideas just sound better under water. :)