Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Repeat Imagery

As I work on my 4th or 5th manuscript (maybe 6th or 7th, depending), it always amuses me to see the "repeats" of imagery that find their way into my stories. You know, those certain fascinating objects or images that suddenly pop up in our scenes without us knowing how, exactly, they found their way in.

I have a few favorites, and I must say, to this day, I am never tired of them when they find appear in my books: pools and water, of course, being the obvious to those who know me, but less obviously, tunafish and mayonnaise... tables (interesting side note, I do not own, nor have I ever owned a kitchen table, nor lived in a house where there was a traditional kitchen table), and today's blog-triggering image, those little brightly-colored paper umbrellas you used to get in your drinks at chinese restaurants.

God, I love those. Welcome little paper umbrella. :)

So, i'm curious: what objects/imagery finds itself repeatedly into your character's lives and stories?


  1. Hm. Let's just see if this comment stays.

    Repeating images: coffee (or tea, in the case of post-apocalyptic stuff); polished wood; cloud banks; fires in fireplaces (and once, in a forest!)

  2. Wow, Gae, now that you mention it, several of those things seem to creep into my stuff. Lately, for some God-forsaken reason, Jelly Bellys. A one-legged horse has made several appearances over the years, twilight drives, a big moon, malt liquor and security guards. I love this blog! I'm Robert, by the way--not Lee, as google accounts would have you believe.

  3. a one-legged horse would be recognizable book to book. Is it the same horse? Does he have a name? and how did he lose his leg? And why do these all now seem like absolutely burning questions???

    And while you're at it, which flavor Jelly Bellys? Original, Sour, or Gourmet?