Monday, March 29, 2010

even though I'm all grown up...

sometimes, i still misbehave. seriously, someone should wash my mouth out with soap.

hey, did i ever tell you the story about how, years ago, my mom's best friend and I secretly replaced a block of cheese my mom was annoyingly picking at, and eating bit by bit with her fingers, with a bar of same-colored yellow soap? We waited ten full minutes before she picked again and tasted. It was well worth the wait.  :)

But wait, i digress. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my unfortunate potty mouth and sometimes-risque sense of humor. Which is why i've started a YA blog. For those of you not in the know, YA = young adult. Why? Because I write YA fiction too. And literary YA fiction at that. So, really, I should learn to behave.

Now, sure, if you're a YA yourself, you can go to my other blog. Nothing horrible will happen if you do. It's all in good fun and there's nothing too terrible there. Nothing half as bad as you've all seen on Family Guy (*huge god forbid cringe*) or just The Simpsons (*very amused and mostly reluctant cringe*). But, you know, in case you want to avert your eyes, I'm starting this mostly appropriate one. We'll see how long it lasts. Once naughty, always a little naughty. But, I'll do my best to behave because I'm a big famous writer now.

Ok, I'm old.

One or the other.

Ok, mostly the other.

Hope you enjoy it here.


p.s. young or old, tell me one of the funniest pranks you ever pulled on your mother!


  1. I can't imagine pulling a prank on my mom, that would not have gone over well. but there was a time when my mom threw a pound of butter at my father.....funny, even though it wasn't meant to be......

  2. Thanks, Michael!

    and, um, Lori, $5 to tell me what prompts one to throw a pound of butter.

    Maybe that's my next blog post: best things I've ever thrown. Once, when got really mad at my kids, I threw a 164-box of Crayola crayons. I didnt throw it AT anyone (I'm not a savage) just threw it up in the air and watched it crash down. We all agreed after it was kinda pretty.

  3. Another blog? Wow. I admire your industriousness. Best of luck with it.

    And shame on you for pulling a prank on your poor mother. (*whatever the appropriate emoticon is*)

  4. My mother SOOOOO has no sense of humor. I removed all the cupboard handles one April Fools, but she didn't think it was funny. Some guys came over and filled all the glasses in our cupboard with water, then used a card to turn them upside down on the counter. I had to clean that up...

    I think it's GREAT to build a youth presence, and I will definitely keep an eye, and my favorite MCs are typically young, and I have a series plan penciled out... yeah, at some point it's very likely I'll venture into this market...

  5. Jim, either >:( or >%( would work in a pinch, tho the fun part is making the emoticons up. And as for my mother, it was a party and she was putting her fingers on the cheese. She needed to be taught a lesson. She's a better person for it. And she still takes me shopping.

    Hart, poor you. >:( (see Jim), the handles off the cabinets is quite funny and clever, altho i must agree on the water part. My kid did that to me on my kitchen counter recently with a BIG glass of water. Maybe I should've laughed more. One day he's gonna blog about me... ;)

  6. Oooh, the fish! You can feed them!

  7. Lou,

    There used to be a sign that said "please don't feed the fish" but when I changed the template, the sign disappeared. Now the fish will get fat. Although they do look sort of hungry...