Friday, June 2, 2017

IN SIGHT OF STARS Cover Reveal, courtesy of the Nerdy Book Club

Many of you know my love for the Nerdy Book Club, not just the incredible co-founders, but the teachers, librarians, educators and authors who keep Nerdy book love and book awareness circulating every day through their blogs, posts, tweets, #nErDCamps (look for one popping up near you!) and other Nerdy endeavors.

I wish I had more time today -- I don't!! -- to write a long post about WHY I love the Nerdy Book Club (it wouldn't be the first time) or how, without them, and particularly without Paul W. Hankins, Donalyn Miller, Cindy Minnich and Colby Sharp, I might not have ever had a second book on the horizon, let alone my fourth, because, ultimately, sales matter.

Suffice it to say, THE PULL OF GRAVITY was a quiet little title that Paul Hankins refused to keep quiet on, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I am also the proud recipient of THREE Nerdy Book Club Awards for YA Fiction, and a Crane Award from Mr. Hankins and Room #407, and fight to believe with all my heart that these have been bestowed on me, not only because the NBC loves me as a human (But, I do feel that love and appreciate it!), but also because they truly love -- and get -- my often quiet, always literary books.

At any rate, a HUGE thank you for the Nerdy Book Club sharing the excitement of my IN SIGHT OF STARS cover reveal. And thank you to my extraordinary editor, Vicki Lame, who entertains (and weathers!) my very strong aesthetic for color and tiny details.


p.s. It's #wearorange for #gunsense day today, and, man-oh-man (and woman!) we need some. So, if you're headed out into the world today or tonight, don orange, even if *someone* has ruined that color for many of us! ;)

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