Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dearest John Green. . .

Dearest John Green,
with your books and your vlogs,
(ooh, so groovy, now movies),
you're one of the gods. . .

You travel, and tweet,
hit talk shows galore
(I read. You do bleed. . . )
but, for Pete's sake, there's more?

A podcast now too???
Man, I don't want to hate
(Crash Course riffs, from son's room drifts. . .
your next book. . .

                          is it late?)

I write and I scheme
and I make big plans too
(go above. . . take on gov. . .)
But, I'll never be

With your vlogs and your vids
and your movies and books
(lovers scheme. . . haters meme)
Geez, you've even got looks

So it is, Mr. Green,
To thine own self be true
(it's gestalt. . . the stars' fault)
Hey, I dig what you do. . .

But, alas, while I sat
to create this dumb poem

(it's a guess, i confess)

But you probably built Rome.




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